A New Way To Commute

Raise of hands, how many times have you faced this particular scenario: You’re on your way to an important date/meeting/workday/gathering by taking one of Kuala Lumpur’s myriad of “efficient” transportation options i.e. the public trains. 

In your haste, you’ve realized (albeit too late) that you have neglected to reload your Rapid KL card the day before. Now, the line to reload has been steadily growing and you’re undoubtedly going to be late for your appointment.

Sound familiar? Fret not! This particular scenario will soon be a thing of the past!

Wave A Card, Open Sesame!

That’s right. Rapid KL (the company behind all your MRT and LRT needs) will be installing debit card readers at selected LRT station gates soon. This would mean that you do not necessarily have to reload your Touch n Go or Rapid KL cards anymore. 

Instead, simply wave your magical ATM card to pay for your fares!

Debit card readers have been recently spotted at a couple of LRT stations, such as in the Wangsa Maju LRT station — in which the lane is specifically reserved for MyDebit card and ATM card users only.

Each MyDebit card reader installed at the gates of the station where you’d typically tap your Touch n Go card will now likely only accept ATM cards as the instructions specifically request that you wave your ATM card on the card reader.

From the look of things, the ATM card wave pay programme is currently still in the installation stage — with testing likely to commence towards the end of the year.

Apart from LRT services, Rapid KL also operates the MRT and Monorail train lines, along with bus services in the city.