A Platform For Connecting Parents With Kids And Activity Providers

On the one hand, GogoKids was established as a platform to help nurture essential life skills in young children in the earlier stages of their lives. And on the other hand, it is also a platform that intends to do this by offering a medium to connect activity providers with parents.

Along with that, GogoKids also offers free activity management tools and marketing features for the activity providers.


As for the platform’s founding, one of the co-founders of GogoKids — who had a background and experience in organizing kids activities such as kids’ camps and flea markets — realized that there was a demand for a platform like this to address the myriad of problems faced by activity providers.

He then sought to partner up with the other co-founders to fully establish the GogoKids platform.

In the earlier stages of GogoKids, it was noted that most parents lacked a dedicated channel with complete and detailed information to aid them in looking for suitable activities for their kids. At this point, one of the only ways was to either search for activities via online search engines or to obtain information by word of mouth.

Also, the team had come across a multitude of parties and providers that were constantly organising various kids activities but oftentimes could not expand their business due to a lack of exposure and resources — GogoKids intends to alleviate these problems by leveraging the use of technology.

At this point, the team already built an online marketplace within their app’s infrastructure that could gather all activity providers under one consolidated platform for parents to have an easier time gaining access to them.

At its core, GogoKids services two major users on its platform — the parents and the activity providers. For the latter, the GogoKids team aims to offer providers with a hassle-free and efficient activity management tool as well as becoming their marketing arm to promote activities, handle inquiries, rescheduling, refunds, and more.

As for the former, the GogoKids app intends to provide parents with a seamless activity searching experience by providing a platform that emphasizes on activities that have the parenting element, and the company also plans to expand on this element in the future by providing parenting and family-related articles.