Change The Way You Travel In The City

Hate the constant gridlock of the city? Take flight and soar above the traffic jams for an efficient (and time-savvy) journey to your destination.

Look no further than Neo Aeronautics — a Singaporean startup that’s looking to overhaul the private transportation industry with its one-seater flying vehicle, Crimson S8.

A Shift In Private Transportation

The Crimson S8 is aimed at being a door-to-door urban transportation alternative as compared to traditional land-based vehicles. And it has also been described as a personal air transport vehicle by its makers.

The startup has been conducting trials in Singapore and will proceed to move to outdoor trials after further fine-tuning. Of course, everything will be subject to the approval of the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore.

But enough of the political going-on in the background. The flying vehicle is what you’re here for.

The Crimson S8 is able to fit into any standard parking space and may fly at a height of around 15 metres (or about five storeys high) with a maximum load of 100 kilograms. The aerial vehicle can also fly at speeds in excess of 100km/hr whereas its controls will also be simple to operate — often compared to that of a drone.

The Crimson S8 pilot may also choose to either fly it on autopilot or on manual and the vehicle can stay airborne for about 20 minutes currently (though there are plans to increase it to 60 minutes at minimum).

As for their future plans, the Singaporean startup is targeting to launch its fleet of flying vehicles in 25 US cities by 2025, with the initial goal of setting up 1,000 units per city.

In the long term, the company is aiming to provide membership plans so that everyone may have access to the vehicles. Under this membership program, the maintenance and upgrading fees will be borne by the firm — with the caveat that 

each member would need to undergo a two-hour training session before they can fly the vehicle.